Nate Is Late — opening (Russian)

Name in Russian: Нэйт опять опаздывает

This video is meant for archiving and language learning purposes.
If you want me to upload something, feel free to ask in the comment section, unless I can’t find it.

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  1. Diary of an ASD kid

    Can you upload the Hebrew intro I can’t find it anywhere!!!!

  2. Shelton Tie

    Nate is Late — theme song (Russian)

  3. Lucas Lai


  4. Lucas 30

    Where do you find it

  5. Shelton Tie

    Nate Is late Russian intro

  6. htie htie

    Nate is Late- Intro (Russian)

  7. Cristian

    Fantastic theme Song i love you and Note Is Late and i Watch It ti Pop i love you

  8. Jitâ26

    Aight guys do not talk about recent conflict

  9. Shelton Tie

    Жту оната паскял

  10. Shelton Tie


  11. Indira Gabdelova


  12. MinaDubs

    I’m disappointed ngl

  13. fleuze

    no localization in 2022? so cringe!!!

  14. Akaton

    זה נראה כמו משהו שישודר בערוץ זום

  15. Epicness of Awesome

    I'm glad this now exists in Russian, but that does not excuse how bland this sounds.

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